Dani Alves: Juve Win Not because Barca Weak

Dani Alves calls Juventus victory in the first leg of the Champions League quarter is due to the strength of the team, not because Barcelona is weakened.

Alves played full time entertaining his former club Juventus in Juventus Stadium, Wednesday (12/04/2017) pm dawn reported livescore123.com skor bola . Brazilian right-back was helped La Vecchia Signora 3-0 win over Barca.

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In the game, Juve, who lost control of the ball appear more effective when it attacks. They also successfully dampen Barca invasions led by the trio of Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar.
Dani Alves: Juve Win Not because Barca LemahFoto: Twitter @ChampionsLeague

“We performed very well in terms of intensity when it survive, leaves no room at the back, which is very difficult for our opponents,” said Alves after the match.

“This result is due to the strength of Juventus rather than the weakness of Barcelona. We display performance and tremendous effort to achieve it,” Alves said on Football Italia.

In the second leg, Juve will be the turn to Camp Nou next week. Alves ask Juve for not slack off because Barca is still possible to reverse the situation.

“We have to be careful in the second leg because we know what they can do against Paris Saint-Germain. If we maintain this intensity and can score away, then we can overcome these phenomena to reach the semi-finals,” he said.

“Of course we have to fight and suffer, so it will not be easy, but we have confidence,” said Alves.

Diet ? 5 Tricks Do It Every Time Eating

When eating, especially if you eat a delicious meal we often forget ourselves. Regardless of the calories that go into the body, the food was continuously fed into the mouth so without knowing youve eaten more than you should.

Inability to control appetite which is the main factor of overweight and even obesity. The desire to eat may be restricted in a manner that is easy to do. As quoted from Pop Sugar, here are five ways that you must live every meal.

1. Drinking Water
A large glass of water before eating can help you reduce the size of the meal. Water makes the stomach feel fuller, so a full stomach so more quickly and you eat less.

2. Expand Vegetables
Every breakfast, lunch or dinner, increase your intake of vegetables than any other food. Vegetables, especially fresh rich in fiber, which not only aid digestion but also effects full faster. Approximately 3/4 of your plate should be filled vegetables, and the rest can be carbohydrates and protein. It would be better if the carbohydrate consumed is kind of a complex such as brown rice.

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3. Must Complete Nutrition
Do not just eat carbohydrates, such as noodles with very few pieces of chicken and mustard. Or rice were sown shredded beef or nori. Only eating carbohydrates will make you quickly hungry again after eating. Make sure your diet covers the nutrition it needs. Starting from carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables and fruits. Ideally, the figure needs of fiber is 25 grams per day, and 50 to 100 grams of protein per day.

4. Focus on Food
Make sure you do not eat while chatting on the phone, text messaging, working at the computer or watching TV. Brain distracted other activities will make you unconsciously already eat a lot of food because the sensor satiety in the brain become dull. Eat slowly, enjoy each bite and chew food and you will feel full faster. Another trick to avoid overeating, try to eat food using a fork, chopsticks, or with a hand that rarely used the move (usually the left hand).

5. Stop Eating Before Satiety
The advice to eat is very influential on your meal. Advised to stop eating when you feel will soon be full. If allowed to continue until satiety, stomach feels uncomfortable and it takes longer for the body to burn calories. As a result, you become limp and sleepy. When it is almost full, stop eating and if still left food on the plate, set aside or wrap to be eaten later. But be sure whether the food is perishable or can last a long time. (HST / HST)

Madrid Larger than the Atletico Madrid threat

Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid will still be rivals Barcelona in La Liga champions retain the title. According to Sergio Busquets, is greater than the threat Atletico Madrid for now.

With a game in hand, Barca sits in second with 45 points gains two points behind Atletico Madrid at the top. While El Real in third position with 43 points you can check live on this website.

Los Rojiblancos managed to break the dominance of Barca-Madrid when winning La Liga 2013-14. Busquets direction of Diego Simeones team thinks it will undergo a similar season this time.

For now, you can say Atletico is stronger than Real Madrid, said Busquets told Sport.

Everyone believes they are fighting to win La Liga. They are getting better all the time, they also have good players and will continue in the competition until the end of the season.

Busquets undergoing tremendous last season with the Barcelona won the treble. However, the 27-year-old footballer is less recognized after the team failed to enter the FIFA 2015.

On the one hand, everyone did want his work recognized but on the other hand I knew that such gifts that, sometimes, is more influenced by the popularity than anything else. There are many players who had a good season also did not go, including members of our team who won the treble, he continued.

Whats important to me is Ive been working well and the important thing is we won the treble as a team then added two more trophies, the Spanish international midfielder straightforward.

earth Covered Cause of Snow Revealed Now

Genesis Snowball Earth when the entire surface of the Earth covered with snow about 750 million years ago, most likely triggered by extensive volcanic activity beneath sea level.
As stated in a report on the study published in the journal Nature Geoscience this week. It also helps to explain the beginning of animal life on Earth millions of years after the period of Snowball Earth. Snowball Earth is extreme events and our planet is almost no survivors of that event, said Professor Eelco Rohling of the Australian National University, who wrote the research report this.
Our hypothesis explains several aspects of the Snowball Earth through a single mechanism, he said.
During this time of the Snowball Earth hypothesis states, almost the entire surface of the Earth is covered by snow at least once in the history of this planet, but the cause is not known for sure.
One theory is widely referenced for explaining that the layer of snow due to start the flow of water from the river to the ocean caused by the rupture of a large continent called Rodinia.
The water flow is changing the chemical makeup of the oceans, causing reduced levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere.
Because the thick layer of ice, the suns rays reflected it back, causing the Earth actually gets colder.
In effect, the Earth entered the snowball situation where the ocean begins to freeze, explained Professor Rohling citing the theory.
This theory also explains that the Earth is in a situation like this for millions of years.

10 Things You Should Prepare Before Applying for Jobs

Applying for a job is not a matter that can be passed easily. You have to prepare a lot of things so that the possibility of a large receipt. In applying for a job, diploma alone will not be enough. The values ‚Äč‚Äčthat appear in the transcript was not going to help much. Because basically diploma only minimum requirements only. The rest you have to have a powerful ability and making the company difficult to resist.

Before applying for a job to a company. It helps you notice ten points below. By watching these things, you received a guarantee will be even greater. Even once spread application, many companies will ask you to join and become part of their working environment. Lets see!

1. Research the Company

Before application you layangkan to a company. It helps you learn the company. Try doing extensive research on what else was there. How is the work environment and the career ladder. You can ask someone who may have or still work there, and extract information that you need. Or you can also open the companys web site and read it. If the company is good, it could not hurt to try applying.

Despite getting a job is difficult, but we do not want too right to work in vain place?

2. Sending Documents are Complete

This may be very easy and can be done by anyone. But, you should be able to send documents that can not be rejected by them. For example, you provide some sort of portfolio and also the list of great ability. Make them curious of the document you sent. See the example job application to help you.

3. Creating a Personal Branding

In this modern age, has a great personal branding will make you easily recruited companies. Try to build personal branding according to your ability. Make yourself as professionally as possible, up to a lot of people know and recognize your ability.

Nowadays a lot of professional social media that can be used to strengthen the branding themselves, such as LinkedIn. By using social media professional, you will easily get a job. Even before you apply for a job, they will seek and offer a great position and a lucrative salary.

4. Preparing Today Interview

Companies that are interested in the file that you send will definitely call again to do the interview. They will ask a lot of things related to the desire of work and other things that did not seem to connect. In an interview, you do not need to be confused and nervous. Mental prepare you to mature.

Mentally mature, then bad things during the interview can be avoided. Many bad cases occur in people who are actually very great. He also has expertise. But during the interview, he was nervous and eventually all destroyed. Thats why you have to prepare mentally. The rest if you are competent, all questions can be answered with good definitely.

5. Do not sweat Salary Issues

If youre a professional and not the first time applying for work. Discuss salary at the beginning not a thing wrong. But if you are first-time work, especially still fresh graduate, discuss the salary it will minimize the chances of you received. Better to use the principle of giving first, receiving rights.

6. Do not Too Proud Of CV (curriculum vitae)

Perhaps you have a long CV. Many activities and academic achievement do you do when an active student. But they are looking for is not a CV that long, but the ability you have that are relevant to the field of work you are applying. Make sure your abilities in accordance with what is sought by the company. Do not let you show the ability that is not wanted by them. Say youre applying to pharmaceutical companies, do not show your ability in accounting, because it will not connect. See an example of a curriculum vitae here.

7. Increase Capabilities You

Make sure you have a very good ability. If necessary, take a course in advance so that when the interview or test you get through with ease. If this is you do, then you welcome the opportunity will be greater. If youre a very good ability and interest of the company, they will immediately ask you to join.

8. Expand Work Experience

While still a student or still fresh graduate, you better take jobs freelancer. Keep connected with your department. The work will directly improve your ability to work. And again, usually a lot of labor recruiters who are looking for employees of the freelancers who have proven capable of doing a good job.

9. Ready to Work Without Protest

Before applying for a job, make sure if you can work without protest. Working under a company means you must be willing to work under those regulations. So if you will be transferred out of town or even to the corners, you can not and should not protest. If you still can not cope with this, better think twice if going to apply for a job.

10. Excitement Never Surrender

You could be rejected tens to hundreds of times when applying for a job. So make sure youre not down, or even frustrated because applying for a job but not immediately accepted. So Always the spirit, until you get the job.